A Detective who solved three murder case’s, suicide of tourists in a hotel at Toronto revealed a peculiar clue left in the hotel room where the scenes took place

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suicide of tourists in a Toronto hotel has revealed a “peculiar” clues left in the hotel room that made him realized that the killer didn’t mean to take his life.

2006 labour day police were called to Toronto’s largest hotel, known then as the Delta Chelsea in the heart of the downtown.

On the 19th floor, by in the elevator, they found a man naked and bleeding to death.

Det. Sgt. Steve Ryan, now the CP24’s crime analyst, said that when he stepped off the elevator, there were blood everywhere.

“It wasn’t just like it was painted in blood, it was blood smears, it looked as through it was actually fingerprints,”

Det.sgt. Steve Ryan said this man had been running for his life and was trying to grasp onto anything he could and his finger prints were coming down the wall in blood.”

Ryan said there were bloody fingerprints all over the steel plate where the elevator’s up and down buttons were, but the murder victim couldn’t hit the down button in his bid to escape his attacker.

“He was trying to hit the button. You could tell he hit the steel plate quite a few times. His fingerprint was all around the down button, but he couldn’t hit it very well

Before the Det. Ryan arrived at the first crime scene by the elevator, the victim had already been taken to hospital and was pronounced dead.

The victim was found naked at that time, so he obviously came from one of the rooms,” Ryan said. “Witnesses heard screaming and shrieking. Witnesses described a lot of things they heard even footsteps and one woman said she actually saw this naked man run past her, past her room and this is where he wound up. Obviously he was trying to get to an elevator away from whoever was attacking him.”

There was a trail of blood leading from the elevator hallway back to room 1908 Ryan said when he and the police men opened the door they saw there was a horrific crime scene.

“Walking into that scene looked like you were walking into, not to sound cliché, but it looked like you were walking into a horror film, there were two bodies inside the room, a male and a female, and blood everywhere, “Det. Ryan said.

Worst scene I have ever seen with regards to the amount of blood. Just a complete devastation. You could hardly see the walls, they were covered in so much blood. It was all on one side of the room, which was odd. The washroom was covered. Obviously one of them ran to the bathroom to try to save themselves at one point because it was covered in blood.”

When Ryan arrived at the hotel, he knew the three dead people on the 19th floor were tourists from Europe. They had been part of a tour catering to people with hearing impairment. The worry for investigators was the possibility that there was a tourist killer on the loose.

Ryan said there was already pressure to find out what had happened.

“You want to get every homicide right of course, but this one had the ability to affect an entire industry had we got it wrong or had there been somebody killing tourists in the city of Toronto,” Ryan said. “It was one of those cases because we needed to make sure we got everything exactly right.”

Earlier that year in a luxury Mexican resort, a Woodbridge, Ont. couple had been brutally murdered in their hotel room. The murders of Domenic and Nancy Ianeiro remain unsolved to this day.

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