The Ford government expected to unveil vaccine certificate system for Ontario next week

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The Ford government is expected to unveil an Ontario-based vaccine certificate system next week as COVID-19 cases rise and as public opinion shifts on the subject, a senior government source said “the certificate will be required in non-essential settings like restaurants and movie theatres.”

The source didn’t elaborate on the parameters required to request proof-of-vaccination and would not confirm what form the certificate would take.

Premier Doug Ford will be meeting with his cabinet next week to finalize the plan, according to the source.

There has been a growing chorus of calls from multiple stakeholders – from municipalities to businesses to healthcare workers and educators – to create some sort of vaccine passport that would allow people to signal that they have been vaccinated.

Such a system has already been implemented in a number of jurisdictions, including New York City and Quebec and the idea is popular in places with high vaccination rates.

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