Daughter of missing couple in Florida receives mysterious calls

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Chaplain Towers building partially collapsed last Thursday (24) and, since then, Dianne Ohayo has been receiving calls from her parents, missing in the accident.

Her parents Arnie, 87 and Myriam, 81, who lived in the place, are missing. Until this moment, Ohayo has received 20 calls. “These calls happen every day “, she told The Post. “The last one was on Monday morning, around 5:30. It’s always quiet, always the same thing.”

Ohayo said her nephew, Jake Samuelson, has hired a detective from Surfside police to investigate the calls. “There’s nobody on the line. We wait a little and hang up”.

They know the calls come from inside the apartment 302, where the telephone was located. “My nephew is trying to find out if anyone else is receiving calls from there”.
Dianne said they are optimistic while waiting for more information. “Everyday is the same process”, she concluded.

The couple, Arnie, 87 years old and Myriam, 81 (Photo/ Instagram)

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