Canada: Dozens of people die in historic heat wave

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Canada has registered at least 134 sudden deaths since Friday due to the record high temperatures in the region, which were above 49ºC.

“Vancouver has never registered such heat, and unfortunately, dozens of people have died”, said the Vancouver police spokesperson, Steve Addison. Most victims are elderly people.

The premier of British Columbia, John Horgan, said in an interview that “ this is the hottest week the inhabitants of this region have been through”. “This can bring disastrous consequences to families and communities, but, again, we have to stay together and take good care of the people in risk”.

For the third consecutive day, the city of Lytton, 250 km east of Vancouver, beat the temperature record in Canada, registering 49.5 degrees Celsius. In Whistler, north of Vancouver, the temperature was 42 degrees Celsius.

Besides BC, alerts were sent to Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Yukon and Northwest Territories. Air conditioners and fans are already hard to find in the region. Some cities have cancelled Covid-19 vaccination and schools have been closed.

Man refreshes himself in a historic heat wave in Canada. Photo: JENNIFER GAUTHIER / REUTERS

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