Miami building: an announced tragedy

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As the investigation about the building which collapsed on Thursday in Miami, Florida continues, an inspection from 2018 points that there was a “major error” in the design of the apartment block. According to the engineer’s report, there was a “lack of proper drainage”, which caused the death of 4 people, and 159 others are still missing.

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Search and rescue teams continue to look for signs of life while families anxiously wait for updates. They have been provided with hotel rooms and food. Rachel Spiegal, whose missing mother lived on the sixth floor of the building, told the Associated Press she was “praying for a miracle”. Jeanne Ugarte said she did not expect her long-time friends who lived in the building to be found alive. “It’s been too long,” she told the news agency.

Machines, drones and trained dogs are currently being used in the search. People from Israel and Latin America are included in the missing. 55 of the 136 apartments of the building collapsed early in the morning while many were still sleeping.

The governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, has promised that authorities will find out what happened saying “anybody affected by this directly wants that answer”.

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