Kenya complete it’s first dose of vaccination

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On the 3 March 2021, Kenya received just over one million doses of the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine as part of the COVAX Facility.

Speaking in Nairobi following the first roll-out of vaccinations, the Health Ministry’s COVID-19 vaccine taskforce chairman, Dr Willis Akhwale, says that the 1.12 million doses is part of an initial allocation to Kenya of 3.56 million doses.

Kenya, we had identified frontline health workers, teachers, police and military as the priority groups which would be targeted during round one of the inoculations. We also included those aged 58 years and above in this priority categories.

Alfred Obengo, President of the National Nurses Association of Kenya, said Initially acceptability of inoculation among health workers was low as their leaders had not been involved in the planning of the vaccinations. The health workers viewed the exercise as a government-driven thing and confidence levels were very low.”

Mr Alfred Obengo says that the issue was resolved after the government brought in the health workers leaders, bridging the communication gap. After the meetings, we urged health workers to get the jabs as the vaccine remains the only efficient shield to combat the pandemic as of now.

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