US Colonial pipeline hacked

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Colonial pipeline got hit with a ransomware attack. Bloomberg reported that the hackers began their attack on Thursday by stealing about 100 gigabytes of data as part of a double extortion scheme. The company shut some of its operations to prevent the malicious software from spreading.

The Colonial Pipeline cyber targets companies, ransomware, but its ability to take down critical infrastructure in the energy sector highlights the need for better government-industry cooperation on cyber defense

Sources said the ransomware attack was likely to have been caused by a cyber-criminal gang called DarkSide, who infiltrated Colonial’s network and locked the data on some computers and servers, demanding a ransom on Friday. The gang stole almost 100 gigabytes of data hostage, threatening to leak it onto the internet

The hacker group DarkSide claimed on Wednesday to have attacked three more companies. DarkSide was responsible for the ransomware attack on colonial Pipeline that caused shortages of gasoline and panic buying on the East coast of the U.S. this week

Colonial Pipeline hackers apologize, promise to ransom less controversial targets in the future. The group behind the ransomware that took down colonial Pipeline late last week has apologized for the “social consequences,” claiming that its goal is to make money, not cause societal problems.

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