Robbery took place again at ATM machine two guys kill a man after robbery him of his money.

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Yesterday two armed robbers Rob a man withdrawing money from an ATM Aldo the man was very stubborn to the robbers, they were asking him to give them the money but the man refused and was running,the armed robbers following the man after they follow him to an extend they caught him collect his money about 150,000 naira and kill the man without thinking of the man’s family.

Some traders were allegedly shot and dispossessed of their cash around Bazonu area weekend.

The state Police Public relations officer, DSP Onome Onovwakpoyeya, confirmed the incident, saying the two traders shot were receiving treatment at a hospital.

”Two persons were shot. They were traders coming from the market. They are receiving treatment she said .

There have been cases of armed robbers posing as passengers inside commercial tricycles, more known as Keke, to rob other passengers.

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