NNPC Has Redeemed The Ears Of Oil House

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NNPC has redeemed the ears of oil houses, and said the price should be Increased or hidden fuel My Nigeria has oil that will last 40 days without cutting it says NNPC

This statement contradicts the rumors circulating that the price of a liter will go up. The company says they do not want to put Nigerians in trouble. The new information came from NNPC spokesperson, Dr. Kennie Obateru. The new petrol bill from now on – Entrepreneurs NNPC Director of Public Relations, Kennie Obateru, has stated that no more will be done to speed up the break-up of labor negotiations. The NNPC has been wary of oil companies over extra fuel or concealment of fuel, which will lead to unsustainable oil prices in Nigeria. Obateru presented a speech, that the NNPC has a stockpile of oil that will reach Nigerians for more than 40 days to run it without running out. Finally, NNPC called on the authorities to monitor and ensure that the oil houses do not violate the law, and to punish all those found guilty.

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